Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Congratulation to Malaysia!!

Congratulations to all Malaysia! Our era has back!

Rajagobal extraordinary achievement is totally superb!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Younghusbands and Etheridge is future for the Phillippines.

Although the Phillippines didnt make it into the final, but credit deserved to be awarded to the Simon McMenemy side. Only few month in charge of the national team, he managed to open the eyes of the football fans that the Philippines will become another team to watch out.

His wise decision and effort to call abroad players to represent the Philippines was a brave ones even though he knows the risks. The names like Younghusbands brother (ex-Chelsea academy), Neil Etheridge (Fulham), de Jong (Veendam) was the key to his side at current AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 tournament. The historic victory over defending champions Vietnam 2-0 was the prove.

McMenemy tactic was simple. He throwed Phil Younghusband as a lone striker and with some help from Greatwich and James Younghusband in midfield was the strength to this team. What impressed me much was the way the Philippines passes the ball accuracy where the players played a simple passes and always depend to Younghusbands brothers to explore the opponent space. Younghsbands control ball and skills was superb and that was the output from the ex-Chelsea academy.

Defensive side, Fulham reserved GK, Neil Etheridge ability was not to be questioned. His positioning and reflexes is the key strength. De Jong role is to protect the back four was something to proud of.

There are some weaknesses that surely can be improved especially on the confident level of keep more possession and attacking tactical strategy. If the Philippines able to overcome this issue, I believe they will be shocked another ASEAN countries and become one of the competitor in that region.

p/s: I'll be glad to see if theYounghusbands brother can become one of the import player played for MSL (Malaysian Super League) when FAM re-opened the import players couta in 2012.

Monday, December 20, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia into the final. Let get rid off old nostalgia.

It make me wait until 14 years to see my nation country to reach the final of AFF Suzuki Cup. It has been an honor to see Rajagopal men qualify to the final after beating defending champion, Vietnam with 2-0 aggregate last Saturday.

Malaysian football experienced a black memory when we struggled to get the right rythim for many years back. So now, I would say, lets get all the rid off and start to dream for the qualify at least 2nd round of the WC 2014 Qualifying Stage.

During last Saturday match, Malaysia played very very well. They are very discipline side especially did a defensive duty. I dont blame them for applied 10 men behind the ball tactic as to hold the 2-0 defisit and they did very very well. The young side so impressive especially Muslim, 21 and Fadzli Shas, 19. They kept theVietnamese strikers quite during the match. Goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi was also superb. His positioning and ability to read the game and focus toward the ball was deserved a credit. Defensive midfielder Amar Rohidan did very well also. He protect the back four superbly.

In my opinion, the decision sent Harimau Muda to Slovakia seems to be a worth it for the Malaysia, The name like Muslim and Fadzli Shas experience there is very useful and current performance by this young lads proved everything. FAM should continue to send more young players abroad. By sending them abroad will open the young lads to expose more on football aand gainuseful experience that culd benfitial to Malaysia in future.

Lastly, congratulations to Rajagopal men in advance. Good luck in final. And I will be one of the early  thousand fans buying the final ticket on 26/12. I reall hope their performance will keep growing and matured with consistently.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tevez Speculation Saga: How Mancini react to this?

Last week the Eastland been shocked when his prolific captain Carlos Tevez submitted written transfer request as to leave Man City. This was probably happened due to misunderstanding between Tevez and Mancini after he was been subtituted in the game against Bolton a week before and an hour after Man City beaten West Ham 3-1.

The speculation that Tevez really wanted to leave Man City is not a new issue. Early October Tevez spoke to the media that we doesnt want to represent Argentina anymore and he is homesick. Man City quickly snbbed the request and really wish to keep the player. This is a major blow to the Argentina squad as well as Man City. Tevez contribution to the Man City is not a doubt. He's a leading scorer for the Eastland and also scored winning goal against champions, Chelsea on September.

The rumours in England also mentioned that Tevez was sicked and tired with the top management intervention and due to this, Tevez seem to be lost his focus until he not feature in some matches. Some pundits also claimed there were some unrest among the players in the training ground that sees some of the players arguing with each others. This were probably due to hot spot competition for the 1st 11 in the team. Latest case was between Mario Balotelli and Jerome Boateng.

Last Wednesday, Man City top management release a statement that they will sue Tevez if he ruled out the agreement and contract which is amounting GBP 50 mil. Also, Mancini spoke on Thursday that he will meet Tevez tonite to settle this issue and wish to keep Tevez. Either Tevez or Mancini able to settle this issue, still Man City need to invest more players as so far no great replacement for Tevez. If Tevez wish to continue his desire to back to Argentina, Man City current striker still fail to occupied the empty space,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Foreign Malaysian blooded eligible to play for Malaysia: What's FAM react to this?

This is not a new issue to me as FAM already been informed many many years back. The question now is how FAM react to this issue? I still remember when Shaun Maloney played for Aston Villa 2-3 yrs back, the ESPN commentators highlighted to the whole world that Maloney is eligible to play not just for Scots but also able to play for Malaysia because he was born in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. I was thinking why FAM doesnt react or scouts this player early? Does FAM mislooked him?

Recently, during AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, Indonesia and minnow the Phillippines used some of the foreign players for their national team. Gonzales and Irfan (Indonesia), Etheridge, Younghusband brothers, de Jong (Phillippines). All of them have 2 nationalities that enable them to choose which national team to play whenever they like. Singapore was already done many years back.

As I told before, this is not a new case. Since early 90s, FIFA given a green light to the world that certain nation eligible to call the players if they have at least a native relationship with the country who wish to call them. This is a good news actually for the 3rd football nation level like Malaysia. This is not a violation. This is legal regulation but up until now I dont see my proud country doing this. Why and why? No scouts? No headcount? Did not aware on this?!

In my opinion, for the sake of the development, why not? In today modern football, you need to grab every single opportunity. Malaysia have few players who play abroad. The name like Brendan Gan (Sydney FC, Australia), Titus James (FC Villenoy, France), Tadashi Takeda (Fagiano Okayama FC, Japan), Ash Hameed (QPR Academy) shud able to add strength to the national country. FAM shud react by now. Otherwise, we will regret one day if these players been call to the adopt country.

Lastly, I dont deny the existing squad is improving. Juz give them a try. Who knows these players able to adapt fast and able to understand the principles of the Malaysian football and help, at least, be King of Asean for long long time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia 0 Thailand 0: Analysis

By look into the result, it will pleased most of the Malaysian fans. However, by looking into the real situation, it was seems to be different story. Malaysia was still struggled to win their winning way in order to avoid early elimination in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 which is held in Indonesia and Vietnam. Is the 0-0 scoreline was the good result for the Malaysian? Let's see some analysis:-

1) Formation:- 4-4-2

The formation remain the same but some of the players came in. Mahali Jazuli for Razman Roslan was the right choice but introduction of Sabre Mat Abu was more efficient to hold the Thais.

2) Only NorShahrul Idlan upfront.

The Malaysian MVP was only player looks very very promising. His technique was superb. His few movement and tricks makes the Thais defends struggled. 2nd striker Safee did not do much. He was more on defensive role to help the Malaysian defensive tactical. The introduction of Amri Yahyah was more effectively and almost managed to break the deadlock with his glancing header but his effort went wide.

3) Too much defensive mentality.

Probably Rajagopal really wanna hold Thailand. We did not see many attacking move. Almost all the players did a defensive duty since the early whistle. Sometimes only NorShahrul alone upfront.

Even though some of the tactical can be question, eventually 0-0 is the good result for the Malaysia because with this result, the competition is still open between Malaysia, Thailand and minnow Laos. Only one spot to be race on the last game of the group which is to be played tomorrow (Tuesday 7/12). If we wins against Laos, it is still not yet guarantee qualify to next round as it will depend on the result between Thailand and Indonesia. If the Thai win the game, Malaysia will out. If the Thai draw and Malaysia win, we through.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia 1 Indonesia 5: Analysis

When we read the title above, most of the Malaysian fans especially will voice out their anger. Before the tournament, most of the pundits says this is the best ever squad that the Malaysia produced. But what was happened doesnt transparent to what the pundit says. What went wrong?

Let's see what went wrong to my opinion:-

1) Formation tactical
      - usually Rajagopal used 4-2-3-1 formation but in that game, he used 4-4-2. The combination of Safee Sali and Shahrul Idlan Talaha is extremely superb. There is no problem with these players. But the decision to use more attacking option was absolutely absurd. We played against the host nation. The opponent played in front of 70,000 crowd. The environment and the spirit was totall different.

2) No defensive midfielder
      - surprise selection in midfield where no defensive midfielder duty. Rajagopal should know when we played against host nation, they will surely will played attacking football. So, we cant follow their rythim. We should played at least one defensive midfielder to absord at the thread. Why we have 2 attacking midfielder in one time in front of host nation 70,000 fanatic fans? This should not be happened.

3) Inexperienced centre half
       - I am not too sure how many time the combination of Muslim Ahmad and Fadzli been tried before the match. But it clear cut, these 2 players was lacked of communication and understanding. Yes, there are still young but the experience and confident has to count as well.

4) Too many mistakes in defensive side
        - I hold my head everytime the defender hold the ball. They tried to be calm when they got the ball but they dont know what they are doing. First touch is totally poor! This is the basic football. There are professional players. This is their 247 job. This is not a part time job. Juz like when you do accounting, if you not fimiliar with the basic, how would you wanna proceed with full set. Very poor defending.

5) Squad selection.
          - Some of the players that been selected is not in the state 1st 11. Does anyone aware on this? Why this still happenning? How they can be sure on their match fitness if they didnt get 1st team football? This is totally absurd.

I hope all the mistakes and weaknesses can be quickly resolve. Credit to Safiq Rahim, Shahrul Idlan Talaha and Safee Sali in this match. In my opinion, they are played matured football.

Anyway, despite the humiliating loss, I really hope we could overcome Thailand this evening. Dont look back. We need to advance and look ahead. Go Malaysia!. With new jersy should be transferred into new life of game.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good improvement for the Malaysian football.

Well done and congratulation to the Malaysian squad in Asian Games 2010. Even though, we lost in 2nd round to the highly rated Iran, we still shown the great improvement. Our young boys shows tremendous fighting spirit performance.

If not due to poor refereeing and suffered with a lot of injuries, I believe even Iran and China will facing tough match.

Name of Muslim Ahmad, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Safiq Rahim and co deserve praise from Malaysian fans who really wanna to see a great come back. Under Rajagopal, I saw a lot of improvement in Malaysian team. We played more attacking football and great one touch football. Yes, there are still more aspects to improve but I still believe, our young boys will definitely will improve and shows some at least, determination and desire to win every match.

We starts the tournament with superb 2-1 wins again Kyrgyzstan but failed to challenge the Japanese which is more technical and good strength of mentality compared to the Malaysians. However, final group match against China has been ruined by the stupid and questionables decision by the dumb Aussie Ben'ngong' William which sees 3 red card been shown to the Malaysian players. All the decision can be questionable especially red card shown to Saifq Rahim and S Kunanlan which sees we lost 3-0. Even lost, we still qualify based on best 3rd placed team and meets Iranian in 2nd round. After successful to hold the Iranian inthe 1st half, we cannot afford to hold them until sees 3 goals been conceded and last mins penalty from skipper Shahrul Idlan Talaha still not enough to hold the Iranian.

Lets forget the disaster in Guangzhou. Let go forward for the AFF Suzuki Cup in December. We need to stay focus and give what we have to the Asean. Our squad is already have the quality, only that we need to touch up more on attacking side and flanker in order to get to attacking options. Anyway, good luck to the Young Tigers!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Derby of the week - week 11

This week is going to be a tremendous week for the European football. A lot of great matches to be played. Following is the matches of the derby for this week:-

1) SS Lazio vs AS Roma

In form and Serie A league leader Lazio will entertain local derby AS Roma this evening to determine who is the club that deserve to command the capital of Rome. AS Roma will come to Olimpico Stadio without their talisman captain Francesco Totti who suspended after received a red card last week match against Lecce. Most of the pundit claimed that Roma will have their tough game without him but Roma coach Ranieri still believe his current available squad will manage to hold Lazio, at least, and give a great performance. Lazio in form striker Sergio Floccari believe Lazio is good side and will win the derby. Lazio - Roma derby game is always will give a huge impact. Last season, Totti been fined for improper gesture to the Lazio fans after Roma beat Lazio. 2 years back, Roma keeper, Doni been shown a red card which sees Lazio beat Roma 4-2 in a trilling match.

2) Liverpool vs Chelsea

This is going to be real test for Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson to test their players capabilities when they entertain BPL league leader and reigning champion Chelsea. The Reds recieved a great boost after their captain Steven Gerrard finally find his great form when struck a hatrick against Napoli in Europa League last Thursday. Hodgson will still believe Gerrard will be a key man to penetrate Chelsea wall and encourage teammate to give a best shot against Chelsea. Meanwhile the Blues manager, Carlo Ancelotti believe the match is not going to be an easy ones. Liverpool current form improving and Chelsea will be aware of that. Malouda is doubtful and Lampard is still in recovering mode after hernia operation, Ancelotti will depend on great form of Zhirkov and Drogba to beat Liverpool.

3) Man City vs Man Utd

Manchester derby is always produce great result. This is to determine the King of Manchester and who deserve to conquer Manchester. City will depend to his homesick captain Carlos Tevez while United hoping Nani will recover form his groin injury. City boss Mancini managerial career is under threat after City suffered three straight defeat in a row last week. Most of the pundit says this is going to be Mancini last game in charge if City lose to United. City form so far is inconsistent. The billionaire club failed to give great impact despite they have multi billion pound players to be contender of BPL. Meanwhile United will be without unsettled striker Rooney who this week been send to US for rehab. Last night, Ferguson men struggling to beat Wolves and only last mins-gap winner from Park Ji Sung clinched a 3 point to the United.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wonderkid: Chicarito and Walcott's week

Last week, this 2 players steals the headlines. Brace from both players helps their team to progress and maintain wins record. Chicarito was most obvoius headlines with his 2 unique goal helps Man Utd to chase close with league leaders Chelsea after wins over Stoke. In midweek, again his name on the score sheet when he struck last-mins gap against Wolves to help his team progress next round in Carling Cup.

Chicarito make his name for himself at WC2010 with his matured performance for Mexico. He managed to score in a WC, something than Lionel Messi need an inspiration after he failed to find a net. With his great pace and little tricky, he managed to impress and made an headlines with his unique back headed goal against Stoke and his pace trapped Wolves defence to score winning goal in midweek.

When he off injured during Swiss - England game, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger hold his head after sees Walcott joins Fabregas and van Persie in injury list. Walcott twisted his ankle in his effort to score against Swiss last August. After few weeks off, Walcott back with his scoring instint. Last wed, he find the net twice to help the Gunners trashed Newcastle 4-0. Walcott who famous with his trademark run toward goal, didnot dissapoint Wenger and warns other players that he is ready to fight for a starting 11.

Either Walcott or Chicarito managed to maintain their consistency is still a good debate. Young players like them need a great support from their teammates and of course from their manager as well. More 1st team football is required to them in order to improve and matured in the game.

P/S: Impress with young kid likeWilshere and Pastore (Palermo) performance so far.

Monday, October 18, 2010

EPL Debate: Is Wayne Rooney will be next victim of Alex Ferguson?

What is going on?! After Jaap Stam, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, now it is turn for Man Utd prolific player to leave Man Utd after clash with Ferguson?

The rumours in England that Rooney will leave Man Utd this January is rising high. The local newspaper mostly headlined the story that England top striker will leave Man U after arguement with Ferguson regarding his injury. Latest match last Saturday, Rooney start the game versus WBA at the bench where sees Man Utd drew 2-2 after taken a 2-0 lead at half time.

Ferguson who famous with his strict managerial attitude and dislike his players to question or argueing with his decision, is furious with Rooney after the England striker claimed that he was injured and not able to fixture for 2 weeks that saw Rooney missed Valencia and Sunderland game recently. However, last Wed, Rooney played 90 mins for England in disappointing 0-0 draw with minnow Montenegro in EURO 2012 qualifying match.

Yesterday, from the Man Utd internal source smashed back the rumours and claimed that the story is not true. They also claim Rooney will stay with Man U until he contract expired in 2012.

If the rumours that Rooney will leave Man U is genuine, that will be a good news for the billionaire club such as derby rival Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan or Barcelona to race for his signature. Is the fanatic Man U fans can afford to lose Rooney this time as they still find the best replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo? Juz wait and see...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Delhi 2010: We are on the mark.

Congratulation to Malaysian athletes for their CG performance in Delhi 2010.

Not fair if I didnt wish congratulation to our Malaysian athletes for their best ever performance in Delhi 2010 which was officially close yesterday (14/10/2010). With 12 golds which was more 2 more from what MOM targeted before the tournament begins.

Despite the chaos on the preparation from the host nation before the games, the Malaysian seems like doesnt care the situation and focus on the games. Badminton and weightlifting raise the Malaysian flag with superb performance. No 1 seed, Datuk Lee Chong Wei was not disappoint us by helping the Malaysia to win the team event gold medal and also men single match. However, Koo Ken Kiat are most impressive athletes in my opinion by winning 3 gold medals with team event, mixed double and also men doubles. Nicol David also did her job by clinched women single in squash. Weightlifting squad also very very impressive performance with 2 golds, highly rated Pandalela with her great driving, Josiah Ng with his speedy cycling, Bibiana Ng, Nor Suryani and Nur Ayuni with great shots also deserve a praise.

Overall, I'm still proud that with well preparation and focus, we are able to stand high with international class performances at international level despite some sport that expected to win and add the collection of gold such as lawn bowl and archery fail to impress. Last but not least, congrats to our Sport Ministry, Dato' Ahmad Sabery Chik, as well for his unrelenting support.

Good luck for the Malaysian athletes in Guangzhou Asian Games later. Malaysia Boleh!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Kaka' is not in Mourinho's plan for Real Madrid?

Kaka' transfer speculation is hot recently. According to RMTV, head coach Jose Mourinho says that Kaka' can leave Real Madrid for another club as Kaka' is not at his plan. Why Mourinho says that?

I still remember when Mourinho coached Chelsea. He really want Kaka' partnership with his favourite player that time, Frank Lampard. During that time, he says Kaka' is one of the best attacking player in the world and he deserve to be a part of best team in BPL.

But now the time has change drastically. Mourinho dont need to buy Kaka'. He already have. But why, why and why Kaka' is like not useful at all? In my opinion, Kaka' position as attacking midfielder is already occupied by 3 rising players. The present of Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo and highly rated Angel Di Maria. Plan to drop Kaka' for me is unprofessional behaviour. This is the reason why you have so many 5 star in the team.

Rumours Kaka' will leave Real Madrid is not a new issue and I wish I could see Kaka' rejoin Ancelotti at Chelsea or go back to Serie A in order to get 1st team football. Kaka' has a great talent and very skillful player. Joining Real Madrid is a waste to you and I believe one day Mourinho will get his 1st regret by releasing Kaka' for another club.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Asian Cup: Malaysia in group A with China, Japan and Kyrgyzstan

Tough group. That's all I have to say. Rajagopal is surely not happy with this situation. With high expectation from Malaysian fans especially after won a gold medal in SEA games last year. After been voted in group A together with China, Japan and Kyrgyzstan, Rajagopal men need to work extra harder to avoid another humiliation exit.

In my opinion, there is nothing impossible in football. Dont care how small you are or how young you are, with pure determination and passion, I still believe Malaysia will make an upset, at least, to earn a draw to any of the giant teams in group.

At current squad, I would like to see Amri Yahyah in the team. He is brave, determined and committed. After superb performance with Selangor, Khairul Anuar Baharum is also should be in the squad. Dont care about ages. Looks at England, tell me how old is Rio Ferdinand? Puyol? Marchena? Or even Lucio? These players ages is more than 30.

Really hope Rajagopal select a decent squad to Asian Games. I hate to see my country always been embarrassing at international level.Where is the Malaysia Boleh moto that Malaysian contingent always hold everytimes they went for tournament? Pls prove it to me that Malaysian football is still live at the continent of Asia.

Billionaire club: What is the differences between Man City and Chelsea?

When Thaksin bought Man City in 2008, most of the pundit claimed "This is good for BPL competition. We need more competitive club with great players to compete each other." In Thaksin era, Man City hired Sven Goran Eriksson as manager. Eriksson bought many potential players with name like Elano, Geovanni, Bojinov and Jo to fit their squad. After Eriksson sacked and Thaksin involved in politic chaos in his own country, Man City welcomed Abu Dhabi billionaire, Dr Sulaiman.Al-Fahim as CEO. Sulaiman want Man City to become great team in the world so, he need some changes to his current squad at that time. The first victim is manager Mark Hughes. After few month in charge, Hughes been sacked due to poor run of form despite successful bought Brazilian playmaker Robinho from Real Madrid and been replaced by Italian tactican Roberto Mancini.

Mancini sees his current squad during that time cannot be a top club unless new players under his favorities been added to the squad. James Milner, Yaya Toure, David Silva, recall Joe Hart from Birmingham after loan spell last season, Jerome Boateng, Kolarov, Mario Balotelli, Patrick Vieira, and Adam Johnson. These are the new players add to the squad. The question is how about the others great names that Mancini already have? In my opinion, assembling great players in one club is a good ones. Not good is when they only seat on the bench and not playing regular 1st team player.

 Compared to Chelsea, they only buy the players which is fit the 1st team squad. Lets compare what Chelsea and Man City current squad players. (Not include reserve team)

System 4-4-2 4-5-1

Chelsea Man City

GK Petr Cech Joe Hart
Defender Branislav Ivanovic Micah Richard
Defender John Terry Kolo Toure
Defender Alex Vincent Kompany
Defender Ashley Cole Alex Kolarov
Midfielder John Obi Mikel Gareth Barry
Midfielder Micheal Essien Nigel de Jong
Midfielder Frank Lampard James Milner
Midfielder Florent Malouda Yaya Toure
Striker Nicolas Anelka David Silva
Striker Didier Drogba Carlos Tevez

Bench Ross Turnbull Shay Given
Bench Hilario Adam Johnson
Bench Yossi Benayoun Jerome Boateng
Bench Jose Bosingwa (injured) Wayne Bridge
Bench Daniel Sturridge Joleon Lescott
Bench Salomon Kalou Patrick Vieira
Bench Yury Zhirkov Shaun Wright-Phillips
Bench Paulo Ferreira Emmanuel Adebayor
Bench Ramires Roque Santa Cruz
Vladimir Wiess
Pablo Zabaleta
Dedryk Boyata
Michael Johnson
Mario Balotelli

By look at it, are these Man City players who seat on the bench will plays regularly with the great 1st 11 available? When will be it? These are the question will be ask among the pundit. In my opinion, these billionaire club seems like wanna kill the career of the footballers. If this continues, I believe and not surprise if the players played for the moderate club in moderate countries such as Croation league, Scottish league, Belgium league, Greek league, or Dutch league in order to get 1st team football.

Not like Chelsea, Ancellotti loves to rotate their players just like he did for AC Milan couple year back. But when you talk about Adebayor who did well at Arsenal, Santa Cruz at Blackburn or even Lescott at Everton, these are good and top class player. They deserve to be among 1st team football but it has been killed by........ MONEY.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Should Fernando Torres leave The Reds for better club?

After few matches, we didn't see some huge improvement on Liverpool this season so far. Last 2 season, Liverpool was the main contender for Premier League title and top club in Europe competition but after that The Reds seems like loss their momentum to be at least top 4. I realize after the departure of reliable Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid, Liverpool is struggling to find the very best replacement for him. The purchase of Aquilani, Raul Meireles and Joe Cole still didnt give an adequate impact for the The Reds.

Due to inconsistent performance in the league and Europe, the question of the status of the great Fernando Torres whether he should leave Liverpool for bigger club appeared. The world champion squad only managed to find one goal so far in all competition is another big question on his capabilities. The rumours that he will leave The Reds next summer is the main point on his performance and top club like Barcelona, Real Madrid and also billionaire club, Man City is race to sign him.

With his great finishing, strength and ability of scoring instint, Torres should be among the top striker and probably the best striker in the world among the great Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo or Samuel Eto'o. I believe due to lack of support in attacking on Liverpool squad is the key reason why he still cannot be the top goal scorer. The Reds always rely on creative captain Steven Gerrard and this is very poor. Liverpool has a world class attacking options but still didnt get what the fans want.

In my opinion, The Reds manager Roy Hodgson needs to study more on their capabilities of each of the player if he want to improve the squad. The name of Maxi Rodrigues, Dirk Kuyt, Joe Cole, Milan Jovanovic or Steven Gerrard himself should be a massive concern to any BPL club.

If you ask me to name current Liverpool formation. Here they are:

4-4-1-1: Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Aurelio, Poulsen, Rodriguez, Kuyt, Cole, Gerrard, Torres.

Still the big question is Torres should be given more attacking support to mark his goal. Otherwise, he should leave the club if he want to stand with other great top player.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Juventus and AS Roma: Coaches position under threat

AS Roma and Juventus continues their poor form in new season of Serie A. They opened the league campaign unconvicingly after 4 games when they are 2 big teams seating at the relegation spot.

AS Roma head coach Claudio Ranieri position is under threat when AS Roma still fail to register a win after 4 matches. 2 draws and 2 losses so far is the worst possible start for AS Roma in 10 years after clinching Scudetto in 2001 season. Ranieri's tactic and formation is questioning after AS Roma captain Francesco Totti criticise the tactic which is more defensive rather than attacking approach. The 4-2-3-1 formation shud be demolished and Ranieri shud implemented normal 4-1-3-2 formation as last season tremendous form.

Former Chelsea and Juventus coach managerial career at AS Roma is great after came back from another poor form last season under Luciano Spalleti when Ranieri was responsible with great form and entertaining of performance when AS Roma finished 2nd behind Inter Milan from 17th position on Oct 2009. Another blow the rumour says that former Italy coach Marcello Lippi is link with AS Roma coach position. This week (25/9/2010), Currently AS Roma at 19th position (2nd from bottom), will entertain champion Inter Milan in Rome and hope everything will change for AS Roma. Win over Inter will give boost for the Roman to catch back the form and continue to compete with Scudetto.

Juventus suffered another losses at home last night when they humiliated by Palermo 3-1. Luigi Del Nieri side fail to impress so far this season with only 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. At the beginning of the new season, Juventus signing more great name compare to other teams in the league when bringing Simone Pepe, Fabio Quagliarella, Marco Motta, Alberto Aquilani (on loan from Liverpool) but still fail to deliver as what they should. Former Chievo coach, Del Nieri approach to rotate the squad player this season does not work so far and the Turin side has to come back in order to compete Scudetto this season. Alessandro Del Piero and co has to do something as well and urge the teammates to be more focus after several occasion they lead the game but loss at the end of it. The question is does Juventus have what it take to be a contender of the Scudetto this season?

AS Roma last 5 matches
22/09/2010 (A) Brescia 1-2 (Serie A)
19/09/2010 (H) Bologna 2-2 (Serie A)
15/09/2010 (A) Bayern Munich 0-2 (Champions League)
11/09/2010 (A) Cagliari 1-5 (Serie A)
28/08/2010 (H) Cesena 0-0

Juventus last 5 matches
23/09/2010 (H) Palermo 1-3 (Serie A)
19/09/2010 (A) Udinese 4-0 (Serie A)
16/09/2010 (H) Lech Poznan 3-3 (Europa League)
12/09/2010 (H) Sampdoria 3-3 (Serie A)
29/08/2010 (A) Bari 0-1 (Serie A)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MSL - new revolution next season?

Lately, aku ada terdgr ura2 yg FAM nk buka balik kuota pemain import dalam Malaysian League. Bagi aku sebagai peminat bola sepak, x fair la klu aku asyik fokus pada liga bolasepak luar spt BPL, Serie A atau pun La Liga. Aku still have to realize where I stand, isnt it?

Pelaksanaan pemain import amat besar kesannya pada bola sepak kita. Itu xdinafikan. Sikit sebyk boleh tarik penonton g stadium. Aku masih ingat lg masa zaman2 pemain import spt Chris Kiwomya, John Hunter, Alistair Edwards, Abbas Saad (pundit Astro Supersport 3 skrg ni), Mehmet Durakovic, Tony Cottee, Bambang Pamungkas, Niell Quinn (president Sunderland skrg) pun pernah trial dgn Selangor. Pada masa ni, aku rajin g stadium tgk Selangor main.

Actually, keputusan FAM menutup pemain import aku rasa sbb persatuan negeri ada masalah kewangan. Cuba kita bayangkan, sedangkan pemain local pun dah sampai 3-4 bln gaji xbyr, inikan pula nk sara pemain import.

Bagi aku, saranan nk ada pemain aku setuju sgt2. Persatuan negeri pun haruslah berpikiran rasional sikit. Jgnla nk ikut trend beli player2 yg ada nama tp main setaraf player local. Xperlu g jauh2 amik player import, scout je kat negara ASEAN. Player Indonesia dan Vietnam pun byk yg bagus2. Dr segi kewangan, currency kita pun lg tinggi dgn dorg. Bayangkan, klu player local dibayar gaji antara RM 2500-RM 5000, klu amik player2 dr ASEAN ni, letak la rate yg sama gak. Bile dorg convert ke duit dorg, sure kaya-raya gak. One more thing, byk org2 Indon dan Vietnam ni kt Malaysia. Means bila ada game, at least dorg boleh penuhkan stadium. Jgn lak peminat local ni melatah jika kata stadium penuh dgn org asing. Padahal sekrg ni pun, xramai yg g tgk bola kt stadium. Ingat nama player2, jauh skali.

Lagi satu, kita xblh jadikan status pemain import tu utk menghalang pembangunan bola sepak kita. Tgk aje BPL tu, kdg2 ada team yg xturunkan langsung player local dorg, tp still dorg blh maintain. Satu lg, kat Asia ni pun ada Champions League gak. Mcm mane player2 kita nk bersaing dgn kelab luar yg rata2 berbdn besar. Xkan kita nk bermegah di laman sendiri je kan. Sape yg xnk tgk team2 spt Selangor, Kelantan kibar bendera Malaysia di pentas Asia. Pikirkanla.

Akhir skali, papehal pun, we have to grab this opportunity to improve our standard of football. Persatuan negeri hv to plan well masa nk amik player import tu. Jgn la psl nk nama dan byr gaji mahal2 kt dorg tp standard main sama dgn player2 local, akhirnya gaji player2 tertunggak. Kesian woii...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inilah yang dinamakan bolasepak moden masa kini

Kita tak boleh nak nafikan lg, pemain2 ni bukan saje buat bola tu mcm easy thing tp dorg rasa main bola ni dah mcm permainan lego je yang boleh sesenang hati utk dibentuk. Tgk aje lah video-video ni.

Iniesta, Xavi, Messi dan Sergio Busquet vs Panathinaikos

Xavi dan Iniesta skills vs Panathinaikos!

Ronaldinho vs Auxerre

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Serie A campaign 2010/11

Serie A campaign has started last month. AS Roma starts the campaign unconvingly after only managed to draw 0-0 with newcomer Cesena. The game at Olimpico sees the capital based club no really threaten the minnow with Vucinic and Menez not really created chances. However, the minnow Cesena almost win the game with Bogdani and Japanese full back Yagatomo shots wide in the second half. Overall, Ranieri side need to do something in their formation especially on attacking side if they need to do repeat last season performance.

Roma 2nd match of the campaign was against the moderate Cagliari. They lost 5-1 in that match where the new signing Argentine defender Nicolas Burdisso sees red with reckless tackle on Daniele Conti, the son of Roma legend Bruno Conti. Conti opened the celebration for Cagliari as early as 8th mins with wonderful long range shot passed Roma out of form keeper Julio Sergio. Roma talisman Daniele de Rossi cancelled out with great header in 18th mins after receive corner from great Francesco Totti. 4 mins later, this is the turning point of the Roma loss after Burdisso reckless tackle on Conti in 6 yard box which see he suffered bad injury and been replaced. Matri completed the spot kick. Acquafresca scored Cagliari 3rd goal at the edge of 1st half. Matri scored his 2nd goal of the match on 49th mins the close range header and Lazzari completed the celebration for home fans with simple tap in to make it Cagliari 5-1 wins against the Roman.

Tonite Roma will be entertain Bologna. Hope they will register 1st win of the new season. Good news is Vucinic back after missing game against Cagliari and Bayern (Champions League) thru' injury.

Me and fantasy football

BPL musim baru dah pun start. Means demam bola pun bermula lah. Seperti biasa setiap mlm sabtu geng2 kitorg akan lpk kt khulapak 7 lyn bola. Walupun aku bukannya peminat BPL tp lyn gak. Bukan sebab apa, ini sume pasal yahoo fantasy football.

Last season, aku no 2 overall. Sikit je lg nak rampas title tp tewas pd mgu terakhir season lepas. Bak lata org kalah bermaruah. Xpun kalah secara gentleman. Season ni, aku letak team nama Manfredonia. Mana aku dpt nama ni pun aku xtau. Tibe2 je.

Nak dijadikan cite, tunang aku pun juin fantasy football for 1st time tau. Aversa Gulz FC namanya. Aku yg bg. Tu yg makin semangat tu.

Papehal pun, still early in the season. So, xbyk nk post.

Later, borak lg. Arrideverci.