Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Congratulation to Malaysia!!

Congratulations to all Malaysia! Our era has back!

Rajagobal extraordinary achievement is totally superb!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Younghusbands and Etheridge is future for the Phillippines.

Although the Phillippines didnt make it into the final, but credit deserved to be awarded to the Simon McMenemy side. Only few month in charge of the national team, he managed to open the eyes of the football fans that the Philippines will become another team to watch out.

His wise decision and effort to call abroad players to represent the Philippines was a brave ones even though he knows the risks. The names like Younghusbands brother (ex-Chelsea academy), Neil Etheridge (Fulham), de Jong (Veendam) was the key to his side at current AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 tournament. The historic victory over defending champions Vietnam 2-0 was the prove.

McMenemy tactic was simple. He throwed Phil Younghusband as a lone striker and with some help from Greatwich and James Younghusband in midfield was the strength to this team. What impressed me much was the way the Philippines passes the ball accuracy where the players played a simple passes and always depend to Younghusbands brothers to explore the opponent space. Younghsbands control ball and skills was superb and that was the output from the ex-Chelsea academy.

Defensive side, Fulham reserved GK, Neil Etheridge ability was not to be questioned. His positioning and reflexes is the key strength. De Jong role is to protect the back four was something to proud of.

There are some weaknesses that surely can be improved especially on the confident level of keep more possession and attacking tactical strategy. If the Philippines able to overcome this issue, I believe they will be shocked another ASEAN countries and become one of the competitor in that region.

p/s: I'll be glad to see if theYounghusbands brother can become one of the import player played for MSL (Malaysian Super League) when FAM re-opened the import players couta in 2012.

Monday, December 20, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia into the final. Let get rid off old nostalgia.

It make me wait until 14 years to see my nation country to reach the final of AFF Suzuki Cup. It has been an honor to see Rajagopal men qualify to the final after beating defending champion, Vietnam with 2-0 aggregate last Saturday.

Malaysian football experienced a black memory when we struggled to get the right rythim for many years back. So now, I would say, lets get all the rid off and start to dream for the qualify at least 2nd round of the WC 2014 Qualifying Stage.

During last Saturday match, Malaysia played very very well. They are very discipline side especially did a defensive duty. I dont blame them for applied 10 men behind the ball tactic as to hold the 2-0 defisit and they did very very well. The young side so impressive especially Muslim, 21 and Fadzli Shas, 19. They kept theVietnamese strikers quite during the match. Goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi was also superb. His positioning and ability to read the game and focus toward the ball was deserved a credit. Defensive midfielder Amar Rohidan did very well also. He protect the back four superbly.

In my opinion, the decision sent Harimau Muda to Slovakia seems to be a worth it for the Malaysia, The name like Muslim and Fadzli Shas experience there is very useful and current performance by this young lads proved everything. FAM should continue to send more young players abroad. By sending them abroad will open the young lads to expose more on football aand gainuseful experience that culd benfitial to Malaysia in future.

Lastly, congratulations to Rajagopal men in advance. Good luck in final. And I will be one of the early  thousand fans buying the final ticket on 26/12. I reall hope their performance will keep growing and matured with consistently.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tevez Speculation Saga: How Mancini react to this?

Last week the Eastland been shocked when his prolific captain Carlos Tevez submitted written transfer request as to leave Man City. This was probably happened due to misunderstanding between Tevez and Mancini after he was been subtituted in the game against Bolton a week before and an hour after Man City beaten West Ham 3-1.

The speculation that Tevez really wanted to leave Man City is not a new issue. Early October Tevez spoke to the media that we doesnt want to represent Argentina anymore and he is homesick. Man City quickly snbbed the request and really wish to keep the player. This is a major blow to the Argentina squad as well as Man City. Tevez contribution to the Man City is not a doubt. He's a leading scorer for the Eastland and also scored winning goal against champions, Chelsea on September.

The rumours in England also mentioned that Tevez was sicked and tired with the top management intervention and due to this, Tevez seem to be lost his focus until he not feature in some matches. Some pundits also claimed there were some unrest among the players in the training ground that sees some of the players arguing with each others. This were probably due to hot spot competition for the 1st 11 in the team. Latest case was between Mario Balotelli and Jerome Boateng.

Last Wednesday, Man City top management release a statement that they will sue Tevez if he ruled out the agreement and contract which is amounting GBP 50 mil. Also, Mancini spoke on Thursday that he will meet Tevez tonite to settle this issue and wish to keep Tevez. Either Tevez or Mancini able to settle this issue, still Man City need to invest more players as so far no great replacement for Tevez. If Tevez wish to continue his desire to back to Argentina, Man City current striker still fail to occupied the empty space,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Foreign Malaysian blooded eligible to play for Malaysia: What's FAM react to this?

This is not a new issue to me as FAM already been informed many many years back. The question now is how FAM react to this issue? I still remember when Shaun Maloney played for Aston Villa 2-3 yrs back, the ESPN commentators highlighted to the whole world that Maloney is eligible to play not just for Scots but also able to play for Malaysia because he was born in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. I was thinking why FAM doesnt react or scouts this player early? Does FAM mislooked him?

Recently, during AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, Indonesia and minnow the Phillippines used some of the foreign players for their national team. Gonzales and Irfan (Indonesia), Etheridge, Younghusband brothers, de Jong (Phillippines). All of them have 2 nationalities that enable them to choose which national team to play whenever they like. Singapore was already done many years back.

As I told before, this is not a new case. Since early 90s, FIFA given a green light to the world that certain nation eligible to call the players if they have at least a native relationship with the country who wish to call them. This is a good news actually for the 3rd football nation level like Malaysia. This is not a violation. This is legal regulation but up until now I dont see my proud country doing this. Why and why? No scouts? No headcount? Did not aware on this?!

In my opinion, for the sake of the development, why not? In today modern football, you need to grab every single opportunity. Malaysia have few players who play abroad. The name like Brendan Gan (Sydney FC, Australia), Titus James (FC Villenoy, France), Tadashi Takeda (Fagiano Okayama FC, Japan), Ash Hameed (QPR Academy) shud able to add strength to the national country. FAM shud react by now. Otherwise, we will regret one day if these players been call to the adopt country.

Lastly, I dont deny the existing squad is improving. Juz give them a try. Who knows these players able to adapt fast and able to understand the principles of the Malaysian football and help, at least, be King of Asean for long long time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia 0 Thailand 0: Analysis

By look into the result, it will pleased most of the Malaysian fans. However, by looking into the real situation, it was seems to be different story. Malaysia was still struggled to win their winning way in order to avoid early elimination in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 which is held in Indonesia and Vietnam. Is the 0-0 scoreline was the good result for the Malaysian? Let's see some analysis:-

1) Formation:- 4-4-2

The formation remain the same but some of the players came in. Mahali Jazuli for Razman Roslan was the right choice but introduction of Sabre Mat Abu was more efficient to hold the Thais.

2) Only NorShahrul Idlan upfront.

The Malaysian MVP was only player looks very very promising. His technique was superb. His few movement and tricks makes the Thais defends struggled. 2nd striker Safee did not do much. He was more on defensive role to help the Malaysian defensive tactical. The introduction of Amri Yahyah was more effectively and almost managed to break the deadlock with his glancing header but his effort went wide.

3) Too much defensive mentality.

Probably Rajagopal really wanna hold Thailand. We did not see many attacking move. Almost all the players did a defensive duty since the early whistle. Sometimes only NorShahrul alone upfront.

Even though some of the tactical can be question, eventually 0-0 is the good result for the Malaysia because with this result, the competition is still open between Malaysia, Thailand and minnow Laos. Only one spot to be race on the last game of the group which is to be played tomorrow (Tuesday 7/12). If we wins against Laos, it is still not yet guarantee qualify to next round as it will depend on the result between Thailand and Indonesia. If the Thai win the game, Malaysia will out. If the Thai draw and Malaysia win, we through.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia 1 Indonesia 5: Analysis

When we read the title above, most of the Malaysian fans especially will voice out their anger. Before the tournament, most of the pundits says this is the best ever squad that the Malaysia produced. But what was happened doesnt transparent to what the pundit says. What went wrong?

Let's see what went wrong to my opinion:-

1) Formation tactical
      - usually Rajagopal used 4-2-3-1 formation but in that game, he used 4-4-2. The combination of Safee Sali and Shahrul Idlan Talaha is extremely superb. There is no problem with these players. But the decision to use more attacking option was absolutely absurd. We played against the host nation. The opponent played in front of 70,000 crowd. The environment and the spirit was totall different.

2) No defensive midfielder
      - surprise selection in midfield where no defensive midfielder duty. Rajagopal should know when we played against host nation, they will surely will played attacking football. So, we cant follow their rythim. We should played at least one defensive midfielder to absord at the thread. Why we have 2 attacking midfielder in one time in front of host nation 70,000 fanatic fans? This should not be happened.

3) Inexperienced centre half
       - I am not too sure how many time the combination of Muslim Ahmad and Fadzli been tried before the match. But it clear cut, these 2 players was lacked of communication and understanding. Yes, there are still young but the experience and confident has to count as well.

4) Too many mistakes in defensive side
        - I hold my head everytime the defender hold the ball. They tried to be calm when they got the ball but they dont know what they are doing. First touch is totally poor! This is the basic football. There are professional players. This is their 247 job. This is not a part time job. Juz like when you do accounting, if you not fimiliar with the basic, how would you wanna proceed with full set. Very poor defending.

5) Squad selection.
          - Some of the players that been selected is not in the state 1st 11. Does anyone aware on this? Why this still happenning? How they can be sure on their match fitness if they didnt get 1st team football? This is totally absurd.

I hope all the mistakes and weaknesses can be quickly resolve. Credit to Safiq Rahim, Shahrul Idlan Talaha and Safee Sali in this match. In my opinion, they are played matured football.

Anyway, despite the humiliating loss, I really hope we could overcome Thailand this evening. Dont look back. We need to advance and look ahead. Go Malaysia!. With new jersy should be transferred into new life of game.