Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Kaka' is not in Mourinho's plan for Real Madrid?

Kaka' transfer speculation is hot recently. According to RMTV, head coach Jose Mourinho says that Kaka' can leave Real Madrid for another club as Kaka' is not at his plan. Why Mourinho says that?

I still remember when Mourinho coached Chelsea. He really want Kaka' partnership with his favourite player that time, Frank Lampard. During that time, he says Kaka' is one of the best attacking player in the world and he deserve to be a part of best team in BPL.

But now the time has change drastically. Mourinho dont need to buy Kaka'. He already have. But why, why and why Kaka' is like not useful at all? In my opinion, Kaka' position as attacking midfielder is already occupied by 3 rising players. The present of Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo and highly rated Angel Di Maria. Plan to drop Kaka' for me is unprofessional behaviour. This is the reason why you have so many 5 star in the team.

Rumours Kaka' will leave Real Madrid is not a new issue and I wish I could see Kaka' rejoin Ancelotti at Chelsea or go back to Serie A in order to get 1st team football. Kaka' has a great talent and very skillful player. Joining Real Madrid is a waste to you and I believe one day Mourinho will get his 1st regret by releasing Kaka' for another club.


  1. yu wanna kaka join chelsea? i dont think so. chelsea already have great stars. guess shud be enuf at tis moment.

  2. That was a rumours....

    I wish Kaka' could join Roma